Pukeberg Walther Design Candleholder Solifleur Vase Art Glass Clear Mid century Modern

A 1960s Pukeberg Walther Glas designed Solifleur round single stem glass bud vases. The front features a fun, light-hearted textured pattern with a flower design and plain glass on the reverse. There is a small hole in the top of the vase to accommodate a single stem flower. Perfect condition with no chips or cracks.
Height - 11cms
Width - 12cms
Depth - 3cms

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Mid century Modern Walther circular candleholder or Vase for one flower Manufacturer: Pukeberg Sweden Designer: Walther Period of manufacture: 1960's Height - 11cms Width - 12cms Depth - 3cms Weight- 900 gr.

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Extra informatie

Maker Nee
Designer Nee
Date of manufacture Nee
Period 20th Century
Conditie Excellent
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