RAAK Amsterdam Evert Jelle Jelles Eclipse Floor Lamp D 2017

Details Manufacturer: Raak Amsterdam. Date of manufacture: 1964. Designer: Evert Jelle Jelles. Place of origin: Amsterdam Netherlands. Materials: metal, aluminium, plastic. Condition Good, hardly any usermarks (just 1 minimal dent ) and perfect working order, also the mechanism of the sphere. Dimensions: H 55.1 inch - 70.8 inch H 140 -180 CM Diameter shade 12.7 inch/ 32,5 CM Technical details: Higly minimal metal structure base and aluminium hemispherical shades. The stand of the lamp exists of 2 separate parts which makes it possible to adjust the height. The two half-globe aluminium shades can be adjust to increase or decrease the light, or to create a mysterious raffined eclipse-effect of light.

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